Sookmyung Interpretation Volunteers (SMIV) Hosts a Language Camp for Children, “Dreams Shining Like Stars, Spreading Out to the World”.

Sookmyung Women’s University’s Leadership Group Sookmyung Interpretation Voulnteers (also known as SMIV) hosted “Hanbyul Camp” for five days starting from July 24th to 28th.


The title of the program, “Hanbyul”, implies that all children are shining individuals, with its slogan, “Dreams shining like stars, spreading out to the world”. The camp was held for the first time this year, targeting the elementary school students who are not familiar with foreign languages. The program aimed to provide those children with an opportunity to learn  English, Chinese or Japanese.



The camp took place on the fourth floor of Sunheon Building and the classes were divided into three, according to each language : English, Chinese and Japanese. The camp provided a variety of programs, including advanced language educations, mini-Olympics, on-site learnings and culinary experiences. On the last day, the students performed plays in front of their parents in the language that they studied and which they prepared for the whole week. The children were able to build academic intimacy with the foreign languages by making play props and practicing the play script.


SMIV, as the Leadership Group of Sookmyung Women's University, designed Hanbyul Camp to help out the children of Sookmyung Women’s University faculty members. As a form of talent donation, the students prepared for the class material by themselves, which enabled them to get familiar with the languages and experience various cultures.



The representative of SMIV Park Seri(The Department of Education, 16) stated, “Hanbyul Camp was designed to equip students with international perspectives and to introduce the linguistic e-x-p-r-e-s-s-i-o-ns used in our daily lives. The students, thus, could feel less pressure in terms of learning foreign languages. Above all, the most important part is that the camp was entirely voluntarily initiated.”


Meanwhile, SMIV, the first voluntary interpretation organization among all universities, was founded in 2002, with those who speak English, Chinese, Japanese French and more. Sorted as a talent donation, the student interpreters are detached inside and outside of the school for communicative support. They also volunteer for the exchange students who often get in trouble due to the language barrier. Besides, the interpreters actively take part in numerous international activities, such as International Horticultural Goyang Korea, Summer Session Korea-Japan Youth Exchange Programs and Asia-Pacific Little Baseball Tournament.


Translation by Sookmyung Interpretation Volunteers