Successfully Finishing the English Camp for Children with Sookmyung TESOL and Yongsan-gu Office.

Sookmyung Women’s University TESOL Smart Team and Yongsan-gu Office hosted a 2017 English Summer Camp for children as part of the project of cultivating global individuals. To celebrate the completion of the camp, the team held a ceremony last August 8th in Sookmyung Gemma Hall after the two weeks schedule.


The parties including Yongsan-gu Office administrates, TESOL professor Yeom Kyung-soo, native speaking TESOL professors, students from the camp and their parents participated in the ceremony. The students prepared for a grand finale by presenting the performance they had prepared during the camp.



The English Camp possessed an educational ideology of ‘Beyond – Global Leaders of Tomorrow’ to aim ‘future-oriented English education and cultivation of talented individuals’. The camp was held in the Sookmyung Injae Building from July 31st to August 11th with a total of 42 students from schools in Yongsan-gu, consisting of 3rd to 6th grade elementary students. The children were able to naturally acquire English skills by experiencing English education program which linked to science, art languages and play. Also, they went on two field trips to Gwacheon National Science Museum and Dongdaemun Design Plaza.



The Camp was considered as a meaningful opportunity with the prominent native professors from the TESOL Department. Furthermore, the support from the Yongsan-gu Office enabled the camp participants to go on field trips at a low cost. Especially, it became an idealized model in terms of strengthened partnership between SMIV and Yongsan-gu Office as well.



TESOL-SMART, the program host said, “We are informed that children are truly satisfied with the program due to the native professors' advanced teaching, including English plays and field trips. We will continuously put efforts to be involved in more cooperative programs.”


Translation by Sookmyung Interpretation Volunteers