“Opening a big page of career alumni exchange,” the 2017 Sookmyung Power Network Day Event

The “2017 Sookmyung Power Network Day,” which is an event for the career networking of Sookmyung alumni, was held on October 18 (Wed) in the Grand Ballroom of Grand Hyatt Hotel in Seoul.




Celebrating its 3rd anniversary this year, the Sookmyung Power Network Day was prepared with the aim to bring together Sookmyungians who are active as proud career women in our society and to socially spread the power of Sookmyung based on human networks. Based on good reviews and support from alumni in many different fields, the participating members grew to 250 this year.








On this day, the participation by many notable figures, including President Jungai Kang, the President of Alumni Association Jeong Sun-ok, campus officials, and key alumni members, created a great opportunity for alumni exchanges. In her congratulatory message, President Jungai Kang said, “The passion shown by Sookmyung graduates in each of their fields is enough to inspire great strength and encouragement for the alumni members,” and “I hope this can be an opportunity to enjoy other’s company and build a stronger sense of fellowship.”






After the welcoming message from President Kang and Alumni President Jeong, the banquet and time for networking began in earnest. In order to provide ample time for conversations between alumni this year, the first part of the official event was reduced to a minimum and the table seats were assigned as previously requested by the members as much as possible. In addition, by personally visiting different tables, a total of 6 alumni facilitators led active conversations, which included Korean Productivity Center Career Consultant Kim Gyeong-hui (Department of Physical Education 1979), Former Representative of Unilever Korea Lee Min-seon (Department of Business Administration 1980), General Manager of Head Office of Shinhan Bank Park Gwang-ok (Department of French Language and Literature 1981), General Manager of Samyang Holdings Corporation Lee Myeong-ju (Department of Korean Language and Literature 1985), Team Leader of Korea Broadcast Advertising Corporation Bong Yeon-geun (Department of Korean Language and Literature 1990), and Representative of Navi & Partners Yoo Jae-gyeong (Department of German Language and Literature 1992).






Presided by Do Hyeon-yeong alumni (Department of Economics, graduated in 2005), the Sookmyung Power Talk Concert in the second part of the event was a chance for the members to introduce their own know-hows and freely talk about their issues based on the topics of ▲ How to perfectly balance family and work ▲ Senior Sookmyungian method of staying on top, the competitiveness of Sookmyung! ▲ and The dream of Sookmyungians! The new path of Sookmyungians!  The following agenda introduced the activities of our university’s Alumni Association and alumni community.






The time for great bonding and fellowship that continued to the late hours came to a close with the time for a group photograph. President of Alumni Association Jeong Sun-ok said, “I am very thankful for the spirit of challenge and hope that was built over the past 111 years by the 11 thousand Sookmyung alumni. And for the boundless success of Sookmyungians, the Alumni Association and the university will join together to lead the way toward a greater alumni network.”