“Come and experience cutting-edge engineering technology,” the opening of Meet PRIME Season 2


From November 14 ~ 15, the “Meet PRIME Season 2” event was held at the Start-up Lounge of the Sookmyung Business Incubation Center. While the Season 1 event that was held in March introduced various ventures conducted by the PRIME Project Group, the Season 2 event was centered on the promotion of the Start-up Lounge and engineering technology experiential events.





The venue of this event, the Start-up Lounge, was opened on the second basement floor of the Sookmyung Business Incubation Center on September 7 as a space for fostering the ventures of our university students. On this day, the students explored the lounge and participated in the cutting-edge technology programs such as VR, 3D printing, and drones as well as the PRIME Newsletter Quiz event.




In the 3D printing booth, the participants listened to the process of 3D printing and had the opportunity to personally choose and paint snowflake rings modeled by the students from the PRIME Supporters Mentor Team. At the VR experiential corner, they gained new experiences through vivid VR videos such as the Bike Race and Jurassic Park.





The drone experiential corner especially grabbed the participants attention as the students got a chance to control reasonably priced self-assembly drones by using a smart phone application. Lastly, the quiz event based on the PRIME Project Group’s newsletter published in October gave an opportunity to share the achievements of the PRIME project.




The enjoyment of the participating students were doubled as the students who have participated in 2 or more of the above programs were given snowflake stickers and a chance to play the snowflake doll-grabbing crane game that was personally prepared by the PRIME Project Group. Participating student of the Meet PRIME event Kang Hyeon-seo (Department of Family & Resource Management 2014) said, “Because I usually don’t get a lot of chances to personally experience engineering technology, I had a great time by participating in the programs.”




Meanwhile, the students who are starting entrepreneurship especially showed a lot of interests in the event because they were able to get overall help on business startup by applying for expert education, prototype production, seminar venue rental service, etc. In addition, as the descriptions and prototypes of startup enterprises were exhibited, they had the chance to gain information on ideas and enterprises from their predecessors. PRIME Project Group Leader Oh Jung-san announced, “We will continue to expand the communication with the campus members through diverse channels as well as providing support for the development of the students through the PRIME Project.”