2.APWINC, conducts “2017 UNESCO - UNITWIN ICT and Leadership Training” in Indonesia

From Jan. 8 ~ 12, The Asia Pacific Women's Information Network Center conducted the “2017 UNESCO - UNITWIN ICT and Leadership Training” at the Universitas Gadjah Mada in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.




The training team comprised of our school’s teaching staff and 10 assistant students visited the new UNITWIN Network partner, Universitas Gadjah Mada, to provide ICT technology and women leadership training for 80 local students for 5 days.




The ICT training included education on Scratch, a coding training program, as well as the most practical subjects for the trainees such as image/video editing and presentation skills. On the other hand, the leadership training included lectures based on 5 topics of women’s leadership and vision, self-respect, creativity, communication, and time management as well as a special lecture from a local woman leader, field trip, and cultural exchange program led by our students.




In particular, the detail curriculum of this training was selected based on the survey results of ICT and leadership training demand from local women and requests from the officials of collaborating institutions derived from the network workshop that was conducted at the end of May.  Accordingly, it led to great response from the participants as well as effective lectures.




The Director of The Asia Pacific Women's Information Network Center, Kim Myeong-hui, said, “This training served as a finale for the ‘2017 Women’s Empowerment through UNESCO-UNITWIN ICT and Leadership Training by Sookmyung Women’s University,’” and “We plan to further advance the UNESCO - UNITWIN based on this year’s supplemented contents and implementation methods in addition to our accumulated experiences during the past 2 years.”